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Top Dog Sales Training Books

Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets

50 Sales Training Experts Show You How to Sell More in Tough Times

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Top Dog Sales Secrets

The International Bestseller that started it all!
50 Top Experts Show You Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales

Price: $24.95  Free shipping & Handling


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"It's like reading the best ideas from 50 sales books all in one book," says Michelle Nichols of Savvy Selling International. Readers learn proven sales techniques from 50 of America's most renowned sales experts. Selected by the editors of, the book covers 80 valuable sales-skills lessons covering prospecting, cold calling, negotiating, deflecting stalls, sales scripts that work, closing strategies, getting calls returned, and many other invaluable sales secrets the pros know. Big companies happily pay thousands for this advice. Collectively, these experts have coached thousands of sales professionals and increased sales revenues for a virtual Who's Who of American businesses such as IBM, Avon, and Microsoft.

World-class sales trainers include...

In addtion to John Boe, other sales trainers include Tony Alessandra, Jim Domanski. Dan Kosch, Mark S.A Smith, Bob Bly, Colleen Francis, Tina LoSasso,Art Sobczak,Tom Freese, James Maduk, Dave Stein, Dianna Booher, Patricia Fripp, Jim Meisenheimer,Bill Stinnett, Ed Brodow, Ari Galper, Michelle Nichols, Joel Sussman, Bill Brooks, Joe Guertin, Rick Phllips, Julie Thomas,Jon Brooks, Joe Heller, Tom Reilly, Will Turner, Shamus Brown, Craig James, Tom Richard, Al Uszynski, Bill Caskey, Brian Jeffrey,Llinda Richardson, Steve Waterhouse, Tim Connor, Michael D. Johnson, Keith Rosen, Wendy Weiss, Kevin Davis, Dave Kahle, Mike Schultz, Roger Dawson, Ron Karr, Jacques Werth, Jill Konrath, and Anita Sirianni.

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