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Selling Face-to-Face DVD Video + Bonus Gift

Selling Face-to-Face DVD Sales Training Video + Free Body Language Webinar Bonus Gift

90-Minute DVD Video with Program Guide

Price: $24.95

When you purchase this DVD, you will receive a Free Webinar Bonus Gift.

Body Language: How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book Webinar

Are you missing your prospect's buy signals? If so, it's costing you a lot of money in lost sales. To be effective, a salesperson must continuously monitor his or her prospect's body language. By understanding your prospect's body language gestures you will minimize perceived sales pressure and know when the moment is right to ask for the order! Your prospect will literally SHOW YOU through a series of gestures when he or she feels comfortable and is ready to close the sale.

Learning Objectives of this this DVD Sales Training Video are...

  • Use body language to consistently make a favorable first impression and build rapport quickly over the phone or face-to-face.

  • Quickly and accurately identify your prospect's "buying style" (Aggressive, Expressive, Passive or Analytical)

  • Learn to listen with your eyes and understand key body language gestures you MUST KNOW to maximize your sales effectiveness

  • Spot untruthful or deceptive behavior

  • Identify your prospect's nonverbal "buy signals" and know when the moment is right to ask for the order

  • Read key body language gestures to determine if a prospect is interested, stalling, bored, deciding, lying or critical, etc.

  • Eliminate negative body language gestures that sabotage your sales presentation effectiveness

  • Learn the meaning of key head gestures, body postures, and eye movement

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Selling Face-to-Face DVD Video + Free Body Language Webinar Bonus Gift