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Kyle Maynard

No Arms and No Legs Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro   


When Kyle Maynard was 14 years old, he put his own socks on for the first time -- not an easy thing to do for a young man with virtually no arms and no legs. The first sock took him 30 minutes. The second one took him 15 minutes. Facing challenges and succeeding has been the hallmark of the life of Kyle Maynard, who made a name for himself into a high school wrestling champ and now as an adult, looks to inspire others with what he can do.

ESPN has the story of Kyle's riskiest challenge ever... a transformative moment... for a guy who now gets his socks on... in 60 seconds.  Watch this short video clip of an incredible young man's struggle to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!  

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