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The Sales Contest That Never Fails!

After years of dealing with a tough economy and declining market conditions, even the best sales reps on your team can sometimes become discouraged and lose their motivation to close sales and develop new business. As a sales manager, senior executive, or business owner, I am sure that this scenario is very familiar to you. What if there was a simple, yet effective way to inspire and motivate your sales team to close more sales in this difficult economy... would you be interested in learning how to do that?

Offering a contest to your sales team is a smart business decision on many levels. Contests, by their very nature, infuse a competitive spirit within the sales force and provide an excellent opportunity for management to recognize and reward top achievement. In addition, a contest encourages your sales reps to achieve new levels of personal production, taps into peer pressure, and generates a positive synergism within the organization.

The difficulty in designing an effective sales incentive contest is that it must be structured in such a way that it challenges your top producers, while at the same time encourages average to below average salespeople to participate. A successful sales incentive program is a delicate balance of three key motivational factors; reward, recognition, and peer pressure.

Back in the day when I was a sales manager for an international financial services company, I was constantly on the lookout for good ideas and contests that would help motivate my sales team to increase production and improve business development. Sadly, all of the sales contests that I implemented over the years never achieved my desired outcome. Sure, I must admit that some of the contests did provide a noticeable short-term spike in sales production, but nothing to write home about... and certainly nothing long-term.

So, after several years of frustration and a lot of trial and error discovery, I took what I had learned from each failed contest attempt and eventually used that research to create The Sales Contest That Never Fails! This contest was eagerly embraced by my entire sales team and it dramatically increased production within 90-days of its implementation.

You can imagine my surprise and delight as I watched my paycheck increase significantly month after month. The Sales Contest That Never Fails was so effective at increasing my sales team's average production that it repeatedly vaulted me into the company's Top Sales Manager of the Year award.

Once a sales rep stretches to a new level of personal production, his or her self-confidence and expectations skyrocket. When times are tough and prospects seem to be holding on to every dollar, your job as a sales manager is more important than ever before. Now is the time to roll out a sales contest to generate additional sales and build morale. 

The Sales Contest That Never Fails was designed to be...

  • Self-funding. The cost to fund the contest is paid from a portion of the increased production that it generates
  • Effective for both commission/bonus and salary-based pay structures
  • Easy to understand and practical to administer
  • Effective at promoting long-term, consistent sales production results
  • Beneficial in building team pride and office morale
  • Personally appealing for your entire sales team... from your most successful sales reps to your lowest producers

The Sales Contest That Never Fails is the motivational tool you've been looking for to inspire each of your sales reps to reach new levels of personal production... I absolutely guarantee it!

In order to customize The Sales Contest That Never Fails instructions for your sales team, please fill out the form below. This is a free offer so give it a try. As the saying goes... when the tide comes in all the boats in the harbor go up!  

This contest requires a team of 20 or more salespeople.

Thank you for requesting the instructions for The Sales Contest That Never Fails. We will review your information and email you the contest instructions. If you have any questions, you may call me at 937 299-9001 or email me at [email protected]


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