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Seminar Topics to Improve Sales Effectiveness and Customer Service

Are you looking for an experienced speaker to present a sales training seminar or motivational keynote at your next meeting?

John's seminars can be presented as half-day or all-day sales training programs depending upon your time requirements. You may combine several of his one-hour keynote topics (Keynote Topics link is under SEMINARS above) to create a customized seminar program. 

John's seminar training programs are highly-interactive and incorporates the best practices of Adult Learning Principles. His presentations are fast-paced and encourage participation through a combination of group discussion, role-play exercises, videos, and self-assessment surveys.The presentation is PowerPoint-driven and participants are provided a comprehensive course manual to encourage note taking and facilitate learning.

9 Good Reasons to Have John Boe Present a Training Seminar at Your Sales Meeting

1. Experienced international professional speaker.

2. Presents entertaining and highly-interactive programs.

3. Syndicated columnist with 200 sales training and motivational articles published worldwide and translated into a dozen languages.

4. Recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Award for Speaking Achievement.

5. Created the DVDs Selling Face-to-Face and Body Language: How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book.

6. Co-authored the book Mission Possible with Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

7. Co-authored the book Top Dog Sales Secrets with Tony Alessandra and Jeffrey Gitomer.

8. Recognized by as one of the Top Sales Trainers and Customer Service Experts in America.

9. The presentation is fully-customized to your organization.

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Sales Presentation Skills
The One-Day Sales MBA Seminar

This sales training seminar is designed to be a six-hour program, but it can be customized into a shorter presentation to fit your time requirements.

This seminar will give your sales team the communication training, negotiation strategies, and face-to-face presentation skills they require to develop new business opportunities. Earning a prospect's trust and confidence does not occur in a single moment, nor is it created with a clever phrase or a glib presentation. Making a sale has far more to do with building a foundation of trust and rapport with the prospect than it does with issues of best product, largest company, or lowest price.

Most companies do a fairly good job training their sales force on technical skills and product knowledge, but fall short when it comes to providing training on relationship skills, negotiation principles, and presentation ability. Your sales team will learn the full sales cycle from prospecting, introduction, questions, objection handling, to closing more sales!

Top salespeople and the most successful managers recognize the importance of nonverbal communication in the selling process and have learned to "listen with their eyes." They understand that one of the easiest and most effective ways to close sales is to be aware of their prospect's "buy signals." It is estimated that 70% of our communication is done non verbally. In fact, studies show that nonverbal communication has a much greater impact and reliability than the spoken word. 

Have you ever wondered why you seem to hit it off right away with some customers, while with others it's more like oil and water? That's because we respond intuitively to the natural chemistry, or lack thereof, between temperament styles. Your sales reps will learn how to accurately identify each of the four temperament styles (Aggressive, Expressive, Passive, and Analytical). Each of these four primary temperament styles requires a different marketing approach and presentation selling strategy. For example, words that would appeal to a person with the aggressive style may alienate and actually destroy rapport with the passive style and vise versa.

Selling is a contact sport and daily prospecting for new business is the key to an organization’s long-term financial success. For the majority of salespeople, business development is without a doubt the most challenging and stressful aspect of the selling process.

Seminar Learning Objectives
  • Use body language gestures to make a positive first impression, build trust and rapport... face-to-face or over the phone
  • Interpret the meaning of key body language gestures such as; interest, critical judgment, deceit, dislike, decision, and disbelief etc.
  • Identify a prospect's temperament style or "buying style"
  • Make more sales presentations by using proven communication and persuasion strategies to improve phone calling effectiveness
  • Uncover a prospect's "hot buttons" and cross-selling opportunities by utilizing active listening and questioning techniques
  • Follow a step-by-step process to overcome sales resistance and typical prospect objections such as; "I want to think about it." "It costs too much." "I can get it cheaper from another company."
  •  Generate new business opportunities by using time-proven techniques to consistently and confidently ask for referrals 
  • Incorporate the selling skills and model best practices of top producers
  • Develop a Plan of Action to implement the key points from the seminar

Major Benefits to the Organization
  • Improved public image of sales team
  • More positive "word of mouth" advertising from happy customers
  • Increased market penetration and greater brand awareness
  • Increased long-term profitability generated from improved business development and sales effectiveness
  • Improved cross-selling and up-selling effectiveness
  • Higher level of sales team morale and reduced employee turnover
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

The One-Day Sales MBA Seminar Training Topics
  • Body Language: How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book
  • Selling to the Four Temperament Styles
  • Enhance Active Listening Skills: How to Listen Like a Homicide Detective
  • How to Use Questions to Gain Clarity and Commitment
  • Price/Value Formula
  • Overcome Objections and Close the Sale
  • Best Practices for Prospecting and New Business Development
  • Developing an Action Plan

Customer Service Training
Achieving Customer Service Excellence Seminar 
This customer service training seminar is designed to be a six-hour program, but it can be customized into a shorter presentation to fit your time requirements.

Achieving customer service excellence is not accomplished by accident, nor is it attained without effort and teamwork. It requires well-trained customer service professionals who have a passion for providing quality service. Providing customer service excellence gives an organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace and is the key factor that keeps customers coming back. Successful organizations understand the importance of developing a customer-centric mindset and deliberately restructure their customer service model to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

All the money that is spent on sales training, marketing research, advertising, and PR initiatives to attract new customers is wasted if a company can’t keep its customers satisfied after the sale. A satisfied customer’s positive “word-of-mouth” endorsement is by far a company’s greatest asset and most effective marketing strategy.

Providing customer service excellence is the key factor to a company’s long-term financial success. Rendering exceptional customer service is both a responsibility and a smart business decision. Unfortunately, far too many salespeople view customer service as an administrative burden that takes them away from making a sale. The truth is, providing quality customer service presents tremendous opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling , and generating additional referrals. Companies that fail to strive for customer service excellence leave money on the table and keep the backdoor open to their competitors.

Customers have high expectations and demand quality customer service from companies they choose to do business with. Successful organizations understand the importance of developing a customer-centric mindset and deliberately restructure their customer service model to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This advanced training seminar gives participants the best practices, communication skills, and conflict resolution strategies they require to provide world-class customer service excellence.

Seminar Learning Objectives
  • Identify key components that promote customer loyalty and retention
  • Use body language skills to quickly build trust and rapport
  • Describe the best practices of world-class customer service providers
  • Deal with difficult or angry customers during conflict resolution and service recovery
  • Adjust their temperament style to work effectively with their customers
  • Use questioning skills to uncover customer service requirements
  • Go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations
  • Construct a Customer Service Survey to improve service quality
  • Develop a Plan of Action to implement the key points from the seminar

Major Benefits to the Organization
  • Improved public image
  • Best practices for providing world-class customer service excellence
  • A more productive and streamlined customer service operation
  • Increased revenue growth
  • Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improved conflict resolution and service recovery skills

Achieving Customer Service Excellence Seminar Training Topics 

  • Mastering Nonverbal Communication
  • Understanding the Four Temperament Styles
  • Lessons Learned from the Best and Worst Customer Service Providers
  • The WOW Factor: The Importance of Going the Extra Mile
  • How to Use Customer Service to Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty
  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Best Practices for Service Recovery and Conflict Resolution
  • Setting SMART Objectives
  • Developing an Action Plan

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